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Oriental Teapot Candle

Oriental Teapot Candle

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Experience the Allure of the Oriental Teapot Candle

Our Oriental Teapot Candle is no ordinary home decor item - it takes you in the world of eastern antiquity with its unique design and aura. The intricate detailing of the teapot reflects the craftsmanship of an era gone by, while the candle radiates a soft, tranquil glow that adds warmth and character to your room.

Crafted from quality soy wax, our Oriental Teapot Candle promises longevity and consistency. The pillar candle is of superior-grade, ensuring it lasts longer and burns evenly. But, the real deal about this Oriental Teapot Candle is how beautifully it blends the traditional with the modern, becoming a contrary piece in your contemporary surroundings.

So, wait no more! Recreate the charm of the Orient in your home with our delightful Oriental Teapot Candle. An ideal gift for a loved one or a perfect treat for yourself, this teapot candle is a must-have for those who appreciate the intricacies of Oriental culture and design.

Made with our coconut soy blend, non toxic dye and IFRA certified fragrance oils, this teapot candle is made to order in the USA. The organic hemp wick completes this cute and classy teapot candle that is available in six distinctive colors.

Net Weight - 12 oz

Because this is a handmade product and made in small batches, color variations may occur. This does not affect the quality of the candle.

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