Introducing "SwaddleBar" Baby Bath Bar 

Because Your Baby's Skin Deserves the Gentle Touch of Nature.


🌿 Embrace Pure Joy in Every Bath With SwaddleBar


Have you ever looked at your baby’s soft skin and worried about the hidden harsh chemicals in the products we use every day? It’s a scary thought, knowing something so pure could be exposed to anything less than gentle.

Driven by a desire to see a world where every product touching our babies is as pure as our love for them, we created SwaddleBar by WholEmollient™. Born from the need for simplicity, safety, and sustainability, SwaddleBar represents more than just a bath time necessity; it’s a pledge to protect, nurture, and cherish.

Why SwaddleBar?

SwaddleBar is lovingly crafted from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, offering a safe, calming bath time for your little one. Each bar is wrapped in beeswax cloth, showcasing our dedication to thoughtful, sustainable choices. Choosing SwaddleBar means more than just selecting a bath bar for your baby; it signifies your commitment to a healthier, more mindful way of life..

• All-Natural Ingredients:
Only the best for your baby's skin. With cold-pressed camelina oil, known for it's soothing properties, organic rice bran oil and organic mango butter.

• Non-Toxic and Gentle: No harsh chemicals, just pure love.

• Eco-Friendly Packaging: Beautifully wrapped in beeswax cloth, ready for gifting the earth with care.

• Designed for Delicate Skin: Because every baby deserves a soft, soothing bath time.


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