Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer gift cards?

At the moment we do not carry gift cards. But we hope to soon!


What are the payment options?

We accept all credit cards.


What is your return policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. As long as your products are unopened and in the original packaging, you can return them for a refund within 15 days of purchase! You are responsible for return shipping. Email for any questions.


What natural ingredients are used in your bath and body products?

Our bath and body range is crafted using the finest natural ingredients, including organic aloe vera, shea butter, and essential oils. These ingredients ensure that our products are gentle on the skin while offering therapeutic benefits.


Are your bath products suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Our bath products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. We use hypoallergenic ingredients and avoid any harsh chemicals, ensuring a soothing experience for all skin types.


How are your bath bombs different from others in the market?

Our bath bombs are unique because they're handcrafted, infused with therapeutic essential oils, and free from artificial dyes and fragrances. This ensures a luxurious, skin-nourishing bath experience.


Do you offer any eco-friendly or sustainable bath products?

Yes, sustainability is at the heart of our brand. Our shower gels come in eco-friendly packaging, and we prioritize ingredients that are sustainably sourced and biodegradable.


Can I use your body lotions on my face?

While our body lotions are gentle and made with natural ingredients, we recommend using products specifically formulated for the face to ensure the best care for your facial skin. Check out our Non-comedogenic face butter


Are there any allergens I should be aware of in your bath and body products?

We strive to use hypoallergenic ingredients. However, if you have specific allergies, we recommend checking the ingredient list or reaching out to us directly before making a purchase.