WholEmollient™ by EKK Candle Art: A Mother's Promise of Purity and Care

At EKK Candle Art, it all started with a simple thought: Why not create products that we'd be proud to use ourselves? Tired of reading labels with ingredients that sounded more like a science experiment, we set up shop in our beloved Naples, FL, aiming to bring a touch of nature into every home.

WholEmollient™ is more than just a name, it's our heartfelt promise to bring you the best of nature's offerings. With ingredients like hemp seed oil, marula, and black seed oil, among others, each product is a blend of nature's kindness. We've also infused them with the calming
touch of lavender hydrosol. And for our littlest ones, there's a gentle baby line of body washes and shampoos. At EKK Candle Art, we're all about blending nature's treasures with love and care, just for you.

Our handcrafted candles, artisan soaps, and especially our WholEmollient™ bath and body line, is our promise to stay true to nature. We lean on the goodness of organic coconut oils, the richness of mango and shea butter, and the comforting scents of pure essential oils.

Nature isn't just an inspiration; it's our partner. From the colors borrowed from plant-based pigments to the purifying embrace of activated charcoal, we ensure our products are as gentle to the earth as they are to your skin.

So, if you're on the lookout for products crafted with genuine care, heart, and a sprinkle of nature's best, you've found your spot. Welcome to EKK Candle Art, where nature and nurture come together.