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Coconut Oil Castile Soap

Coconut Oil Castile Soap

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Step into the world of natural purity with WholEmollient® Coconut Oil Castile Soap, your all-in-one cleaning solution that combines effectiveness with eco-friendliness. Made exclusively with 100% organic coconut oil, this non-toxic soap champions a clean that cares for you and the planet.

Each bottle of our Castile Soap is presented in sturdy glass, chosen for its timeless quality and ability to keep our natural formula fresh without the need for preservatives. Our 16 oz. glass bottles are not just packaging but a statement of our support for eco-friendly options where possible.

This versatile, biodegradable soap is gentle on surfaces and safe for the entire family, making it ideal for everything from dishes to laundry. With WholeEmollient® Castile Soap, experience the comfort of a conscientiously clean home.

Each 16 oz. bottle is hand-made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. We believe in the power of simple, natural ingredients and take pride in providing a soap that's as honest and hard-working as you are.

Choose WholeEmollient® Castile Soap for a natural, effective clean without compromise.
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